Retail Uniform Guide
Create a memorable in-store shopping experience for customers

Creating a memorable in-store shopping experience for customers is more important than ever and this experience starts with your front line - your staff.

Uniforms make your staff known and stylish retail uniforms ensure they are remembered.

As retail growth continues to dominate the Australian landscape more than ever, a retail uniform that is completely “on brand” is integral to success. Retailing is a dynamic environment requiring a fashion-forward look for your staff that fits with the aspirational goals of your customers.

A retailer that has a strong brand message will consider every element that a customer experiences when they walk in the door. From a uniform perspective this encompasses some essential elements of style, form and function.

Having worked with many of Australia's largest retailers we know the challenges that can come with undertaking an entire uniform refit. Our team is committed to making this process as easy as possible by giving you the confidence in our designs, the support of our customer care team and the attention to detail your retail brand deserves.

The elements we consider integral when choosing apparel for your retail staff are:


Selecting a uniform that will be seen in-store at your shopfront means selecting apparel pieces your customers will be happy to see again and again. Research shows 94% of customers prefer staff in uniforms as it makes them easily recognizable. It's also important to select uniforms your customer-facing staff are happy to wear daily.

A combination of TopsPants and Accessories with stylish and contemporary Knitwear and Suiting, ensure your uniform stands out in-store every day. It is always best to avoid looks and colors that may date quickly to get longevity from your uniform choices.


Do you have customer service staff, sales staff, visual merchandisers and back of house staff that all need a crew fit-out? Here you have a range of needs and skills but you require an overall consistent look. This is where our easy, mix and match range of uniform pieces come into their own.

t-shirt may be too casual for the sales team, but is the perfect choice for your warehouse staff. While your visual merchandising or supermarket team may benefit from the addition of an apron over the standard uniform to ensure the pieces last the day-to-day rigours of their tasks.


Retailing is a large industry with uniform requirements varying by sub sector – a hardware store has a very different purpose, task requirements & customer base than a homewares store. Your uniform needs to reflect these differences to ensure it is comfortable for staff while not appearing too formal or casual for the specific retail environment.

Choose fabrics that are heavy-duty and easy-wash for a hardworking florist, hardware store, spa salon or on the cosmetic floor. Booksellers, footwear specialists and electronic salespeople may instead be moving around throughout their day, meaning they need pieces that are breathable and flexible like our soft cotton tees and performance Polos.


You have worked hard to create a retail brand that encompasses strong branding, contemporary online presence and interior shopfronts that are seamless. Your brand's color palette should be reflected and complemented in the staff uniform you choose.

Our range is a sophisticated and classic palette of navy, khaki, black, white, denim and grey complimented with pops of color on our shirts, apron straps, ties and scarves. This diversity in our color range ensures you can achieve the perfect branded palette.

Embroidery is also a great way to add a stand out color utilizing your most memorable asset -  your brand logo!

93% of customers believe it reflects strongly on a brand if staff members wear smart uniforms

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