Screen printing care instructions

Top tips on caring for your screen printing for longevity

Caring for your screen-printed items

Screen printing is a great way to reproduce large graphic elements and large branding on garments, bags and accessories.

Follow our quick care tips for the best, long-term results for your screen-printed items. 

Care advice for screen prints

For the sake of your iron and your newly printed garments, do not iron directly onto the printed graphic.

Screen printing will melt with extreme heat, so to keep your uniform looking perfect - iron the reverse side of the area where the logo is positioned on a low heat setting.

You can also place a clean print-free piece of cotton cloth on top of the print and iron the area on low heat.

If possible, turn the garment inside out when washing.

  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron directly onto print
  • Do not commercially launder
  • If exposed to continuous rubbing (eg. against a work bench) the print will wear faster

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