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Our environmental initiatives

We are committed to creating products that work harder and deliver more! Since crafting our first apron two decades ago, our quality promise remains: when we cut our uniforms, we don't cut corners.

A garment that bears the Cargo Crew logo comes with the confidence you and your crew are wearing a quality garment that has been tried and tested and created with purpose. No throw-away promotional apparel here.

Our commitment to sustainability

At Cargo Crew, we believe businesses should lead the way in being conscious of the impact they are having on our planet. Here at Cargo Crew, our whole team works tirelessly to make better choices to deliver ethical, high-quality, long-lasting products that are created with purpose.

When producing our range, we carefully consider all elements of the product development process. We work with our manufacturing partners to create fabrics with fewer environmental impacts and focus on removing plastics from our supply chain. Our team at Cargo Crew HQ are laser-focused on waste reduction and recycling, with our internal team consistently assessing and implementing recycling and waste management initiatives at our HQ in Melbourne.

We are always looking for new ways to produce better and in 2022 with a focus on producing less inventory volume, we will introduce our Made To Order range, ensuring we are continuing to create more styles that meet our client’s needs, with less impact by managing our production output.

Our uniform pieces are designed and produced to last – so making the right choice for your business and crews is simple with Cargo Crew.

Founder & Creative Director

We believe all crews deserve to feel good in uniform!
Sustainable quality:
We offer fabrics manufactured without harmful substances
Family Founded:
A family business, backed by an incredible crew
Ethical supply chain:
All factory partners comply with Sedex or BSCI social audits
Purposely designed products
Manufactured to wash and wear on repeat
What you get when you buy from us
  • We are a family business with over 70% of our products being produced by privately owned or family-run manufacturers 
  • We require all manufacturing partners to be audited and monitored for continuous improvement based on SMETA or BSCI audit methodology
  • Compostable packaging replacing plastic bags
  • No useless throwaway plastic bits and bobs in our shirt packaging
  • Purpose-built fabrics including 100% cotton fabric ranges
  • Paper wraps replacing plastic packaging

We make products made to last
At Cargo Crew, we do things differently!

We exist in an industry that has traditionally been built around delivering generic quantity, not quality. However at Cargo Crew, we do things differently and our single focus from day one has been to only create quality products that last the distance.

Whilst all clothing, including uniforms, are subject to wear and tear, a genuine and never-ending focus on R&D and Innovation ensures Cargo Crew uniforms are made to wear on repeat.

From abrasion testing to extreme tear-force levels, we make sure your uniform is ready to handle the daily grind. We offer a selection of fabric ranges to suit and adapt to a large variety of climates and environments, whilst also delivering proprietary fabrics exclusively created to address pain points and deliver longevity.

Quality first approach

Each stage of our production programs are managed by our internal Production team to deliver quality and consistency, order after order. We care about quality and creating products that are Built For Work!

There is nothing throwaway about our styles; we want to make them the best they can be. We are in it for the long-haul.

In the world of fast fashion, many designers put functionality and fit-for-purpose to the side in favour of speed to market. We strongly believe that once we have perfected a fabric, the design of a Modern Uniform garment is equally important to ongoing comfort and the garment's performance. 

Extra design details we believe deserves attention include extra length in shirts and dresses for bending and movement and additional ease through the back of garments to allow for stretching and extending of the arms. Other points of strain that can impact a garment's strength and longevity include additional ease around the thigh area of work pants and detailing bar tacks in pocket corners of aprons where additional pressure is placed.

You can be confident that at Cargo Crew, every eyelet and button is considered, tested and fit-for-purpose.

Quality fabrics designed to last, wash after wash

Every design we develop for our range begins with the fabric development. Quality fabric is paramount in our product development process and new styles are subject to rigorous testing - both wash and wear testing over and over!

Say no to fading aprons! We pioneered our exclusive Fight the Fade™ fabric to specifically address our clients’ needs for aprons to hold their colour with wash and wear. Our trials show washing our Fight the Fade aprons over 100+ times show no obvious change in colour. That's sustainable!

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Our plastic-free shirt packaging reduces hundreds of thousands of useless plastic pieces from going to landfill each year!

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Shirt packaging
How we're doing it better at Cargo Crew

The challenge

Traditional shirt packaging uses lots of bits and bobs of plastic pieces to keep the shirts perfectly in place for opening. Whilst presentation is important, we felt it was irresponsible to continue doing something just because that's how it's always been done!

Our progress

We have now implemented a new packaging method for all of our shirts, completely eliminating the plastic and replacing any remaining 'bits' that were essential with paper card. These small changes save hundreds of thousands of useless pieces going to landfill each year.


Home compostable packaging

12 months ago we began moving all of our packaged products from single-use plastic packaging to home compostable bags. We knew our products could be packaged in a smarter product.

These outer bags have been designed with leading biodegradable technology so you can pop them right into your home compost bins!

Nude outerwear

Yes, you heard us! All our outerwear is now delivered 'nude' packaging free!

Our jackets and puffer vests are now packaging-free to reduce plastic waste when delivered to you. They still come within a secure mailer or box and will arrive to you in perfect condition. 

That's some large-scale packaging waste we are avoiding right there.

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Recycled paper wrapping



Top 10 things to consider when choosing a staff uniform

A must read e-guide for anyone managing or planning a uniform! 

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