No more fading aprons!
Our exclusive Fight The Fade Fabric delivers durability Built For Work.

Let's face it - aprons are designed to get dirty and require frequent washing to keep things looking fresh. As the Apron Experts, we made it our mission to develop an exclusive fabric specifically created to withstand repeated washing and still look great wash after wash.


The lightweight fabric is incredibly comfortable to wear throughout the longest shift and is ideal for warm working environments! Whilst the fabric is lightweight to wear, part of the technology we developed extends to the super durable capability of Fight the Fade™️ fabric, ensuring it not only retains fabric color but also delivers maximum performance over 100 washes.

#2. Powerful against washing agents

Our incredible Fight the Fade™ fabric holds strong against common washing products including Oxygen Bleach agent stain removers such as Napisan, Vanish and Sard Oxy. Our trials show washing over 100+ times shows no obvious change in colour.

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#3. Game Changing Linen Look

Our exclusive Fight the Fade™ fabric replicates the unique textured detail of linen. Delivering a genuine look our crews love, without the delicate hassles of caring for real linen.

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#4 Customize Your Fight The Fade Apron

Choose your strap colour and add your logo to make a lasting impression for your business on our Fight The Fade™ aprons. Utilise your brand colours and identity to choose from over 192 unique apron and strap combinations across our entire apron range.

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